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Frequently Asked Questions



New Subscribers


  • Do you offer managed accounts?

We have had numerous requests from subscribers who would like Index Rx to manage their portfolios. We are pleased to announce that Index Rx will be offering managed accounts to institutions and high net worth individuals beginning in 2008. If you would like more information, please contact us at to request a prospectus.

  • How often is your newsletter published?

Monthly. Issues are typically published on or around the 10th of each month.

  • Do you offer an on-line version of Index Rx?

Yes. Monthly issues are posted in .PDF format within the Subscriber Access Area.

  • Do you offer fax service?

Not yet. Fax service is labor intensive, and would require a higher subscription rate. If you are interested in such a service, please let us know. We will introduce fax service once there is sufficient demand.

  • When will I receive emails if I sign up for email service?

You will receive trade notifications via email on the trading day prior to a fund change. Notifications (if any) are normally sent on the first Friday (or second Friday, depending on where it falls) of each month. Keep in mind that trading is infrequent by design, so expenses and demands on your time are minimized.

  • If I subscribe, will I be given a copy of the Index Rx plan (Dynamic Indexing) itself?

No. Dynamic Indexing is strictly proprietary.

  • I'm invested with a particular mutual fund company (e.g., Vanguard, Fidelity, etc.). Can I invest in the Index Rx portfolios without opening another brokerage account?

Yes, with a few simple modifications and occasional exceptions. Most mutual fund companies do not trade all of the funds tracked by the Index Rx portfolios, although most do carry many of the funds that our models monitor, and equivalent funds are often available in other cases. Also, most of the funds that Index Rx trades are available through Schwab (a "discount" broker) and Fidelity. We currently use Scottrade for our own investments, and Scottrade carries all of the funds tracked by Index Rx. It is important to also examine fee structures when choosing a discount broker and to realize that some may assess additional fees for short-term trading, which will occur, though only infrequently, with Index Rx portfolios.

  • Can I use index mutual funds with Index Rx?

Yes. We publish mutual fund equivalents, where available, within the Subscriber Access Area and in the newsletter.

  • How many transactions can I expect to make per year?

Our portfolios average about eight transactions (four round trips) per year, with trading frequency slightly lower for High Dose Rx and slightly higher for Excel Rx.

  • How do I get started with the Index Rx plan?

Start by reading thoroughly the bonus report, "Invest To Win," which you should receive by mail soon after subscribing. This report describes the Index Rx philosophy and strategy, and gives detailed instructions for getting started.

  • How do I know when to call the hotline or check the website?

Notifications (if any) are normally posted in the late evening of the first Friday (or second Friday, depending on where it falls) of each month. So check the hotline or website on the first Saturday of each month, and if there is no update, check back again a week later. You may also sign up for email service, in which case trade notifications will be sent by email to the email address that we have on file for your account.

  • I'd like to start investing with Index Rx, but I notice that you have been holding some funds for a long time. Is it too late to buy?

No, however we recommend a gradual approach if we have been holding a particular fund for more than one year. Such an approach might involve dollar-cost averaging, or staggering your purchases over a period of multiple months. Alternatively, you can also wait for fund changes.




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