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Our Clients

Index Rx serves as a primary source of financial decision-making information for individuals, investment advisors, and institutions. Here is a small sampling of their feedback, along with comments about Index Rx in the financial press:

  • "(Index Rx) has easily beaten the market since the Hulbert Financial Digest began following it in 2001."

    -Peter Brimelow, CBS 

  • "Ranked #1 by Timer Digest, Index Rx is rated low/very low risk (less risk than buying the Wilshire 5000) by a leading market letter performance tracking service."

  • "The results you have obtained personally are better with less volatility during a very difficult and volatile market than the majority of experienced money managers who time the market and have from 10 to 25 years experience."

    -MS, Investor from Houston, Texas

  • "I do hope that Hulbert takes notice of your impressive record, and even more that your advice continues to prove so valuable."

    -JH, Professor of Mathematics from Connecticut

  • "I'm going to be a long term subscriber to your newsletter...Having been royally "screwed" by a financial consultant, now in jail, it has been wonderful to find a letter such as yours which is a solid guideline and not filled with 'self.' No doubt, the field is populated with Machivellian types...I recall when I first joined up and either Jesse or Lawrence said which brokerages would handle more of the trades. That in itself was a god-send. I appreciate it. I sure sleep alot better--and will sleep even better when I go to retire."

    -JP, Investor from Lakewood, Ohio



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