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Dynamic Indexing:TM How Index Rx Chooses ETFs

Index Rx uses a proprietary asset rotation model called Dynamic Indexing to select the exchange traded funds (ETFs) that comprise its four portfolios. Dynamic Indexing incorporates a variety of technical indicators, including trend performance, sector ratings, historical rankings, and moving averages. Dynamic Indexing places us in top-performing sectors and in the best funds within those sectors.

A Sound Investment Strategy

Dr. Larry Czelusta spent more than fifteen years developing the Dynamic Indexing model, with the goal of beating the total stock market with less risk than buy-and-hold. The Dynamic Indexing asset rotation model is based upon revolutionary economic ideas--rational belief theory, the theory of Nash equilibria, pattern spotting, and theories of predictable investor sentiment. These ideas are gaining acceptance among investors, but Index Rx is one of the few advisors with an established long-term track record.

How Dynamic Indexing Works

Each portfolio applies the same mechanical system (Dynamic Indexing) to a separate universe of ETFs, where these universes are established based on the risk characteristics of the ETFs they contain. Funds with higher relative strength rise to the top, while specific technical triggers and trading rules prevent whipsaw and frequent trading.

Why Dynamic Indexing Works

Markets do not move in straight lines. Yet the stock market does exhibit repeated periods of sector leadership. The goal of Dynamic Indexing is to place our subscribers squarely in the path of these leading sectors.

This system works because it identifies repeated patterns of investor sentiment that are reflected in data. Dr. Czelusta's careful research has pinpointed these patterns. Dynamic Indexing has been rigorously tested and applied in real-life trading. Dynamic Indexing gives Index Rx subscribers a completely mechanical, emotion-free way to beat the market.

Verifiable Performance

Dynamic Indexing has been working in real-life trading since 1994, and for our subscribers since the inception of Index Rx in 1999. This model is the reason that Index Rx ranks consistently among the best performing investment newsletters in the country, according to Hulbert Financial Digest and others.

To put Dynamic Indexing to work with your investments, subscribe today.



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