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Our Portfolios

Index Rx recommends four model portfolios of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and index mutual funds. Each portfolio applies the Dynamic Indexing asset allocation model to a particular universe of index funds and each portfolio provides investors with a unique risk/reward profile.


  • The ETF Rx portfolio invests in domestic and international ETFs. Investing in ETF Rx is approximately as risky as investing in the total US stock market, and ETF Rx has outperformed the total stock market by a substantial margin since inception.  ETF Rx was the first model ETF portfolio offered by an investment newsletter, and remains the best performing.

Max Dose Rx

  • Max Dose Rx is an aggressive portfolio of domestic, international, and enhanced ETFs and index mutual funds. Like ETF Rx, Max Dose Rx is about as risky as the total US stock market but has outperformed both the S&P 500 and the total US stock market by a large margin. Originally an index mutual fund portfolio, Max Dose Rx switched to ETF equivalents (where available) in 2005, without changing the trading rules that underpin its long-term track record.

High Dose Rx

  • High Dose Rx is our prescription for beating the market with minimal risk. This portfolio invests in US ETFs and index mutual funds, including bond funds, giving subscribers who choose this portfolio outstanding returns while incurring less risk than they would by employing a total-market buy and hold strategy. Along with Max Dose Rx, High Dose Rx converted from index mutual funds to ETFs (where available) in 2005.

Excel Rx

  • Excel Rx is our highest risk and highest expected return portfolio. This portfolio invests in US, international, and leveraged index mutual funds and ETFs, giving subscribers who choose this portfolio maximal long-term returns while still holding a diversified portfolio of stocks.

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